I specialize in helping children, teens and young adults foster healthy and meaningful life relationships and create a greater sense of meaning in their world.I collaborate with my clients to set goals. Then I work with my clients to achieve them: to gain self confidence; build more successful relationships; and thrive.

Today, my clients are becoming more confident, more passionate, and more successful in school and in relationships, and have a greater sense of meaning in their world.

I utilize counseling and mentoring programs that are highly individualized to meet the exact needs of my clients. It is my firm belief that the essence of an individual at his or her best – at any age – is predicated on their ability to form and sustain positive and meaningful relationships.

My emphasis on relationship building is what makes my practice stand out from the norm of most family therapy services. It is this emphasis on relationships that proves to be a life-long tool for the individual – I provide care not for just the immediate issue, but I supply tools, skills, knowledge, self-confidence and awareness that become an integral part of an individual’s perspective going forward.

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2000 and earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago in 2005. After receiving extensive training in the field, I was left with one thought: something is missing. What I have learned through my experience is that specific “treatments” don’t always fix specific “problems.” As I learned to shift attention from this intense focus on “problems” to building healthy, productive, meaningful relationships, I began to see dramatic changes occurring. I created my practice on this premise.

Currently, I am a mentor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in suburban Chicago. I received my clinical social work license in 2008.

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