Life Skills Mentoring

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your teen could be at their best all of the time?

What if they were able to objectively look at their negative thinking and consciously redirect their attention to the positive aspects of life?

What if your son or daughter could:

  • Be at their very best
  • Benefit in every situation
  • Make positive decisions

It is possible.

Your teen can learn to be at his or her best and recognize and value the best in others. From here, they will intuitively seek out positive productive relationships with their peers and elders. This is a positive road and one that healthy people travel on a daily basis.

I believe teens are looking for guidance, mentoring, quality life skills, and deep meaningful relationships. Too often during the mentoring process I hear teenagers specifically cite feelings of isolation and detachment from reality. Teens want and need to feel accepted in order to handle the judgments and social pressures that come with this age.

Most teenagers yearn for meaningful relationships but simply do not have the social and psychological tools to create and sustain them. Your son or daughter has matured to the point of simply having had enough of superficial relationships and is now looking for something deeper. They crave friendships that offer value, support and meaning to their life. They instinctively want to be the best they can, to make the right decisions, to live a positive and satisfying life.

My observation is that many teens lead an isolated life. They go to school, come home and instantly “plug in.” They don’t take the time to learn from community, friends, neighbors and mentors. Face-time has been replaced by screen-time.

With Life Skills Mentoring, I will partner with your son or daughter to enable them to be the best they can, to make the right decisions, to live a positive and satisfying life:

  • Life Skills Mentoring works in a very logical way. It begins with your teen gaining an understanding of his or her strengths and learning to develop and build on them. This is the first step to erase the consuming feelings of anxiety and overwhelming pressure.
  • Life Skills Mentoring teaches your son or daughter to be comfortable within his or herself. It offers your teen the foundation, the tools and the power to make the right decisions under any circumstance. Your teen will develop strong interpersonal skills, strong social skills and effective life skills to be able to confidently thrive academically, socially and personally.
  • Life Skills Mentoring is a guided process that takes your teen out of his or her head. The obsessing, ruminating and “feeling stuck” attitudes you have observed will fade. Your teen will discover that decisions are not solely mental but include an awareness of what is going on in the body – that ‘gut instinct’ we so often refer to.

As your teen gains the competencies and power to enable them to make healthy and smart decisions you will see a tremendous growth in their self-esteem, self-confidence and demeanor. These are qualities that impart the ability to move into a successful adulthood.

As a parent you know I can’t do all the work for your son or daughter. It takes commitment on both our parts. I can’t do the work for them, but I will give your son or daughter the tools, the know-how and the support to be empowered. I promise, if your teen puts in effort, the results will come.

After partnering with me to mentor your teen, my commitment is to your teen, to be in their life in a meaningful way and to model healthy behaviors that are the basis for a successful future. This includes giving them frequent input, support and consistently guiding their path so they achieve a centered, positive and confident life. Your teen will know that I’m available and committed to their success.

I am available for candid conversation and support for you and your family throughout the mentoring cycle and hope to share with you the positive tools to assist your teen throughout
this process.


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